Monday, November 15, 2010

Some of my favorite things

It's been eight years since we had a newborn in our house. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us. I had forgotten all the little things that seem so small but are so amazing that I wanted to put them down to

  • How fun it is to watch them sleep.
  • How they sleep with their arms up above their heads.
  • All the fun little grunts and sighs they make awake or asleep.

  • How they mold and snuggle right up to you. 
  • How you wish you could hold them forever.
  • Oh, how good they smell!

  • How tiny and perfect everything is about them.
  • How they grip your finger with their tiny little hand and how it melts your heart.
  • All their beautiful and sometimes funny facial expressions. 

Especially that first "non-gassy" real smile that just makes everything worthwhile.

Poor Baby Girl

The first few days of Maren's life were spent under the bili-lights. Her bilirubin level was high when we left the hospital, however she was nursing so well I thought it would correct itself without any problem. The day after we came home we had to go to the doctor's to have her level rechecked and long story short by that afternoon she had her lovely little bed delivered and was soon spending all of her time "tanning". I was a little bit sad because she literally had to be in there all the time and only came out to eat. I wanted to hold her dang it! However the level kept rising and they were threatening to admit her to the hospital so we were diligent in keeping her under the lights no matter how much we all hated it. Finally after 4 days under the lights and many heel pokes she was given the all clear. She really was a little trooper and she came through it okay because we held her constantly after that to make up for lost time. Especially her big brothers.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life Comes At You Fast!

When we were ringing in the new year of 2010, we didn't have a clue that our lives would change forever. I realized towards the end of January that something was amiss. I wasn't feeling well and was extremely tired!

I was worried so I went to the doctor the day before we were leaving on a family trip to Zion's National Park. He confirmed my suspicions. I was petrified!! What was I going to do? This wasn't part of the plan. What would Troy think? I was afraid to tell him.

I decided to tell them all together on Valentine's Day. That way Troy couldn't freak out to much if the kids were there right? We were still in Zion's, and after Troy had hiked us for 9 miles that day, I gave them their valentines with the news. The boys got a baby bottle pop with the message "You are going to be a big brother", and Troy's was the ultrasound picture bearing the message "Will you still be my Valentine?" My fears were unjustified. Troy was thrilled!! I couldn't believe it! I was in tears and he is thrilled. The boys were jumping around and giving each other high fives. So began the Sorensen's adventure of 2010.

The plot of our adventure thickened when we found out that the new addition to our family would be a girl! I couldn't believe it and had them check the ultrasound twice that day, and every time after that when I had an ultrasound. Every time it was confirmed. So, I spent my time growing larger and sleeping, ALOT!  I also started to shop.

The boys continued to be so excited and couldn't hardly wait for September to come. They kept very busy and Conner started the 6th grade, and Nicholas began 2nd grade. This of course freaked their mother out further. I would have an 7 year old, 11 year old, and a newborn. Who's idea was this??

Troy began to plan and work hard. We had to make room for her. So Troy started finishing a room in the basement for the boys. He worked very hard. He also started honing his baby skills. Baby Kate was gracious enough to be the stand in. He also admonished me to keep my shopping to a minimum.

Troy the sanding bandit.

Then suddenly she was here! How did 9 months fly by that fast?

  After 1 1/2 weeks of false labor our sweet baby girl arrived on September 15th at 7:58 p.m.

   She weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 19 inches long.

We were all in love with her from the moment we laid eyes on her. The boys couldn't get enough and Conner was pretty irritated with the grandparents at the hospital because they were cutting in on the time that he got to hold her.

Suddenly we were taking her home. It was still pretty unbelievable at this point.

However, Maren Dawn Sorensen is here to stay. She is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. No matter how much you think you are in control, the Lord is in charge. And He knows what he is doing.

 Our adventure continues. We can hardly wait to see what will unfold.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

We have loved watching the Oquirrh Mountain Temple being built. Every week on our way to piano the kids and I couldn't wait to pass by and see all the progress that had been made. We love it so much and feel very blessed to have a beautiful view of it from our back window. Actually we can see the Oquirrh Mountain, Jordan River, and Draper temples from out our back window. In July we went with my whole family (except for Christy and Phil) to the Oquirrh Mountain open house. Hard to believe that it went from this....

To this.

This is the whole group. Such a great experience to be the temple all together. We spent time alone in one of the sealing rooms. Can't describe how I felt. It was really amazing.

Just our beautiful little family. We are so blessed.

We can't be serious for too long. Troy just had to have this picture. Nicholas was very concerned that we were breaking the rules, and at the temple no less. He is such a good boy!

Brace Face, Metal Mouth



He is really growing up. I HATE it! But he does look cute with his braces. He chose blue and orange rubber bands to complete his new metal ensemble. He handled this new turn of events well until he found out that he can't eat corn on the cob this summer. Bummer!

Apple Pie and the 4th of July Part 2

I really didn't get very many pictures taken for all of our activities on the 4th for both families. I guess I was having too much fun and forgot. Just know we had fun!

Okay, again we didn't have apple pie. We did have some of this amazingly yummy cake made by my sis-in-law Angela.

We also had some more homemade ice cream. It was raspberry, made from the berries in Angela's garden. Yes, she is all that and a bag of chips.

Then there was the annual badminton tournament. Conner did pretty well this year. Troy of course stayed true to tradition and heckled his sister Angela something fierce. I didn't get too many pictures because my skills were needed in the game :)

Nathan is now a police cadet. For real! Isn't he handsome? He had to leave and go work the Murray fireworks directing traffic and fighting off the opposite sex. It's a tough job but he assures me that he is up to the challenge.

This is his Uncle Troy having a little "badge" envy.

We had our own little fireworks display and Nicholas loved every minute! Again Happy 4th of July!

Apple Pie and the 4th of July

Okay so we didn't have apple pie but I wanted to rhyme. I like rhyming so there you have it.

We had a lot of fun on the 4th weekend this year. I didn't have to work at all which was our own little 4th of July miracle. I always have to work so we tried to enjoy our little miracle as much as possible.

We started our weekend at the Millett's. Swimming was first. Troy spent most of the time throwing the kids in the pool. They thought this was fabulous. Troy spent the next day complaining of sore muscles. The kids are really getting big.

Nicholas got thrown the highest. Although he is growing, he is still a little bit of nothin'.
Look at the line up behind Troy

This was my attempt at getting a picture of the all the kids together in the pool.

Mom it's sooo bright.
Okay that's it. Photo shoot over.

This is Erik's "army talk" for let's wrap it up. Time for food!

We had a BBQ of course. What's the 4th of July without BBQ?

We had a very intense game of Bocce ball.

And then onto the homemade ice cream fest!

Even Grandpa and Grandma got in on the ice cream action. Because the rule is you have to help if you want to eat it later.

Uncle Rich really loves this rule.
Even the little peanuts pitched in. They were incredibly cute!

Here are the boys enjoying the fruits of their labor's. I did take a picture of the whole group but it turned out dark. Darn camera. We might not have had apple pie but the ice cream was sure yummy!

We then went to the front to let the kids throw "poppers" and watch the amazing fireworks display. Troy was concerned about what the neighbor's had growing in their side yard.

This is an attempt at getting a picture of the annual "robot" fireworks. The kids and Uncle Troy get up and do the "robot" to strobe fireworks. So entertaining! Wendi said that Maura practiced so that she would be good for the event. Oh yeah, this is serious business.

We had a great day. Happy 4th of July!